We are very happy to announce that we have launched swisexchange successfully for swiscoins traders.


Swisexchange is a peer-to-peer swiscoin exchange. We have created a marketplace where users can buy and sell Swiscoin and Bitcoins to and from each other. Users, called traders, create the request for buying and selling with the price they want to offer. Users can find traders buying and selling Swiscoin and Bitcoins online.

Swisexchange is very fast and secure for transaction among the traders globally, it takes very little time for any transaction after order confirmed. We have made it very flexible and user friendly ,even fresh user can easily understand and can start to trade. User can trade swiscoin and bitcoin to any members globally. We have prepared a proper guide and FAQ for easy information and inquiry form for fast communication for any query and question.


This platform allows users to exchange their Bitcoins to Swiscoins and vice a versa by requesting, any user can store Swiscoins and Bitcoins as much as they need.

It will make the growth fast for financial transactions for even for local region.

Source: swiscoin[dot]com

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