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PURA Vida everyone! As many have been asking about the latest developments regarding PURA Aurora, the PURA Team decided to provide a brief overview of what has been going on and what is to come.

What Is PURA Aurora

For those of you just tuning in, here is a brief summary on PURA Aurora to start you off. PURA cryptocurrency, the world’s first socially and environmentally conscious cryptocurrency is proud to launch a new era. PURA Aurora brings mobile mining and a cross-platform that switches hash and difficulty functions for ASIC-resistance and allows users to seamlessly shift between multiple platforms.

With the next release, users will also receive all future wallet upgrades and updates automatically, there is no more need for hard forks and swaps. The PURA Aurora interface for both desktop and mobile includes a simple push to deploy common and masternode buttons. Consequently, these buttons are built directly into the wallet. In order to download the new wallet on GitHub, please click here. New block rewards and more blocks mean transactions fast as lighting.

Furthermore, did you know that the PURA Developer Team has developed one of the globally most advanced AI Codebases? This codebase has won multiple AI hackathons that are amongst the most challenging in the industry. Thanks to the implementation of AI into the PURA design, PURA is ready to become the fastest payment coin worldwide!

In order to find out all the details on the latest developments around PURA Aurora, watch our video here:


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