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Gaming on the Blockchain

FIFA Coins and CryptoKitties

A lot of games have invested in cryptocurrency. Increasingly, cryptocurrencies are becoming a factor to be reckoned with in the online gaming industry. Gamers and cryptocurrency users tend to share a lot of ground, so this is an obvious development. Among other industries, it is especially Millenials who are changing existing structures, such as gaming. With a great affinity towards technology and cryptocurrencies like PURA, Millenials hold the potential to effect profound innovations based on user convenience.

Along these lines, a lot of popular online games have introduced money into the game. For instant, FIFA and the FIFA Coin allow users to buy pack of players for the FIFA Ultimate Team. This is virtual cash that has a value only in that game. There is even a black market where users pay real money for FIFA Coins. Some people even claim they make a living from games like Second Life. CryptoKitties is the first game that is completely based on blockchain technology. The game allows you to breed, collect buy and sell virtual cats based on the Ethereum technology.

Transaction times and flexibility

However, there are still some of issues that still need to be resolved. First, it is inherent in cryptocurrencies that users would need to be able to move them from the game. For instance, imagine a gamer who buys crypto on FIFA to buy the a golden pack for the FIFA Ultimate Team. He then moves the rest of the crypto coins he has to pay the latest pack on Fornite, without having to do two transactions but simply using his cryptocurrency.

Besides, gaming platforms could enable users to buy cryptocurrencies directly on their platform to make the process even easier. The advantage for the players may be too big for the industry to ignore. Gamers may be more inclined to buy cryptocurrencies for a small-scale games or a new project if they know that they have the choice to move their assets somewhere else. A model for this may be the game Casino, where you switch from game to game and use the same coins you changed upon starting.

Further challenge are slow transaction times and high transaction fees, such as in the Bitcoin network. Ultimately, technology is required to resolve these issues to institute cryptocurrencies for mass adoption in gaming.

PURA on the Road to Mass Adoption

PURA is a cryptocurrency to provide you and society as a whole with a foundation to practice decentralized social responsibility and contribution. To emphasize, PURA is for putting decision-making power on how to allot funds for common good back into the hands of people. The PURA community wants to make a difference. In detail, PURA wants to establish an environment that pioneers a new method of societal organization. This way, a cryptocurrency enables you to make a difference to work towards the common good for all. In line with this, thank you for being part of the PURA Community and for all your support! Please read our Whitepaper for more information.

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