Official PURA Resources – A Summary On Our Activities

What Is Official PURA and What Is Not

Community Involvement

PURA Vida everyone! We wish all of you a great start into the week! As the PURA Community has been growing, we have been receiving a lot of valuable feedback from community members. We are proud to have such an active and well-informed community supporting PURA and each other as PURA is a decentralized and democratic cryptocurrency for the common good. A number of PURA ambassadors have been volunteering their time and personal knowledge to support other members, creating a cryptocurrency community that is one of its kind. Equally important, we want to elaborate somewhat on the true official PURA channels and community-operated channels.

Facebook and Twitter

In brief, individual community members have been active setting up various channels. Everyone wants to offer their support and to spread the word on PURA. These channels may have part of their name with the words “Official PURA (name of channel)” or similar by community members. However, this information may be misleading as those channels are not official PURA channels. Please be aware that the only three truly official PURA channels are

  1. the PURA blog, the BlogChain, on the PURA website
  2. PURA Facebook
  3. PURA Twitter

All other channels you may encounter, including the Official PURA Telegram group, are community-operated channels for exchange and discussion among community members. Therefore, Facebook and Twitter are the only two official PURA channels. This is also where all relevant news is published immediately upon official release. In line with this, please make sure you subscribe to these pages. Also, alert other community members to do so as well! Of course, community members are welcome and encouraged to like and share all news.

Further, please make sure that besides following PURA Facebook and PURA Twitter, you regularly check for the most current version of the PURA Whitepaper, comb the website and scan GitHub and CoinMarketCap for recent developments.

Resources Run By The Community

Furthermore, our community members like to utilize a number of other, community-operated resources. These include channels on Discord, Tumblr, Instagram and Sola and others that members have established. Without a doubt, as a decentralized currency, PURA endorses community involvement. However, please note that publication of any content in community channels is at the discretion of the community only. Important to realize, information in such community PURA channels, including any ideas, opinions, views, predictions, forecasts, commentaries, or suggestions are for informational or educational purposes only. They are valuable sources for answers to questions and touching base with other community members.

About PURA

As an international digital currency, PURA liberates users to transact with anyone in the world directly, privately, and instantly across a peer-to-peer network secured by the blockchain. As a conscious cash movement for the common good, ten percent of all PURA created is contributed to PURAPlanet. This is a treasury trust for funding and tracking sustainable, environmental, and social projects around the globe. PURA Aurora’s strategic development and core technology are changing the development process from the ground up. The PURA Aurora AI update featuring mobile mining potentially makes PURA the most advanced blockchain payment coin the cryptocurrency market to date. For more information regarding PURA, PURA Aurora AI, and the PURA wallet, please visit our website and read the PURA Whitepaper.


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