Started mining from Dec 1st 2016

Total supply: 360mil coins

Mining time: till 2040, when the last coin is mined

Pura is new generation of cryptocurrency, X11 algorithm, open source code.

X11 is a hash algorithm that is widely used by the head in Dash development, Evan Duffield. X11’s hash chain algorithm uses an array of eleven hashing algorithms for Proof-of-work. This is designed to increase the decentralization of money by making ASIC difficult to grow. The cryptographic community has witnessed an increase in Bitcoin concentration due to the Bitrix ASIC deployment and Dash is trying to avoid that. Another benefit of the X11 algorithm is that the GPU requires at least 30% less power and 30-50% cooler than Litecoin’s Scrypt algorithm.

Expected listed at,, Coinmarketcap in Oct 2017 with price at $0.34


Pura are paid daily to the back-office staff when purchasing mining packages.

Immediately transacted within 5s, no waiting time for confirmations.

Has an owner (3rd party intermediary, for business transactions, based on Ethereum blockchain)

When opening a wallet for a newcomer, you get 0.1% per transaction.

Integration with Bitcoin ATM. Pura can be withdrawn at the ATM where to withdraw BTC.


Master Card, Integrated with BTC, Dash, Pura, LTC … (the card never has money, money is in your account. When you transfer money to this card, i.e. btc, pura…, it is available for you to spend abroad) 

Avalon exchange (to trade coins)

Use BTC, Dash, Pura, USD as intermediary currencies to convert into other cryptocurrencies

Pura is accepted by big stores, large café chain, 03 companies and Avalon Life in payment and transaction.

Pura is expected to confirm its value in the near future and change the world of Cryptocurrency.

It is forecasted that after listing on the open exchange, Pura’s value will grow 200% compared to the current value.

The ecosystems such as resorts, cryptocurrency city, alongside PURA are very diverse, practical and planned. The ecosystem is continued to expand together with the development of Avalon- Life!


PURA: Your smart choice

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