Find out if you really love PURA and what this coin is all about

You are in love with PURA – so find out…

…if PURA is the right coin for you or not!

PURA Vida everyone! The PURA Community is growing and evolving around the planet. People are joining in every day to participate in the amazing developments around PURA Aurora as we are working on implementation. In the meantime, it is important to remember what PURA stands for and why it is different from other cryptocurrencies. Why do you love PURA?

PURA is different

First and foremost, PURA was born with a mission: to be different from other cryptocurrencies in many regards. Presently, the cryptocurrency world is rocked by hasty and uninformed decisions, subsequent disappointment and a general trend towards being blinded by greed. During these times, users are prone to forget the importance of basic principles like honesty, stability and being in harmony with the scale of the greater meaning.

For this reason, we decided to write a little reminder about the purpose and meaning of PURA and what it means to be aligned with the PURA Mission.

PURA is NOT the right coin for you if all you want in life is money

You are in the world of cryptocurrencies because your best friend told you that it is the best way to make a lot of money without having to do much. Everyone is doing it. For this purpose, you sold your car, your dog and your bed. You put all your money into any coin you came across that you had heard was “looking good”. Generally, you are in a constant state of frenzy 24/7 as you check your smartphone wallet every five minutes to see what is going on with your investments. Eventually, you cannot wait to tell your boss where to go, to buy a sports car or two. Then you will buy a yacht and to take off to a lonely island. You hope they accept crypto there. You love crypto.

As tempting as all this may sound, we are sorry to say PURA is NOT for you but….

PURA IS the right coin for you if you believe in support for all creatures

You mostly like your life the way it is. You are quite certain there are enough resources for all. You take care to consume carefully and deliberately and think about your ecological footprint. You know that quality of life means that there is a time for everything: for work, for enjoying life and resting. You value spending time in nature with your dog and people you care about. Equally important, you want to convince your boss to work on more projects that involve the common good of mankind, regardless of what you do for a living. Your favorite would be to protect a lonely island from greedy investors and to clean the plastic from its sandy beaches in the scope of a blockchain technology project. You see the potential of crypto.

Quality of Life

As an increasing number of people are becoming aware of the fact that quality of life cannot be bought but is worthy of protection and should be accessible to all, consider the fact that…

PURA is NOT right for you if don’t care about the common good

PURA believes that individuals are fundamentally good, and by giving our users a voice, a choice, and a way to collaborate, the joint will they pursue is good for society and the world. As a rational individual with the infinite ability to make rational decisions, you only look out for yourself. It has never crossed your mind that investing in a cryptocurrency could serve a higher purpose than making as much money as fast as possible. It does not affect you that about 2 billion people in the world do not have access to banking. You don’t care that mass adoption of cryptocurrencies may be driven by a basic urgent need to participate in the economy at all. You want to be rich. Now.

Make a difference

PURA gives end-users a way to make a difference to the lives of others and have a direct impact on the environment. This is why PURA is “the digital cash movement for the common good” and not for money-grubbing hedonists.

In line with sustainable growth of cryptocurrencies reaching the masses and innovative technological development for user convenience and true individualism, …

PURA IS the right coin for you if you value mass adoption

Over the past three months, the PURA Merchant’s network has been expanding on a daily basis on the road towards mass adoption. Indeed, you have a business and want to accept PURA in daily business transactions. Altogether, you consider yourself an early adopter. You realize that the use of cryptocurrencies for payment transactions is rapidly increasing. You know that standing apart from businesses not accepting crypto as payment is a unique selling proposition. PURA transactions are processed quickly and easily. In brief, you can accept payments from around the globe without the hassle and charges of intermediaries. You love efficiency. As your customer groups such as Millennials are learning and embracing cryptocurrencies, you are aware that Millennials value innovations in digitalization and technology the same as they value environmental sustainability. Correspondingly, …

PURA is NOT right for you if you don’t care about Planet Earth

Tears are streaming down your face in the shape of small Bitcoin icons as you are reading this useless article and resisting to check your wallet instead. You are trying to remember the last time you felt the wind on your face. By the same token, you can only fall asleep listening to songs with a beat to the words “pump and dump, pump and dump”. Consequently, at night, you tightly clutch your smartphone under the covers. You dream of the quick buck coming your way. Likewise, marine turtles choking from plastic straws in their nostrils don’t interest you. Furniture made of teak? Why not? The rainforests are down south somewhere. Deforestation is a fact of your life. You love consumerism. If these are your convictions, PURA is not the right coin for you but…

PURA IS the right coin for you are fascinated by human progress for all

You know that at the beginning of the 21st century, it is no longer socially and morally acceptable to ignore negative global developments. Unquestionably, you feel the need to combat inequality, poverty, negligence, pollution and loss of freedom. Given these points, you feel the urge to make a change along with the PURA community. You want to enable others and to have regard for the needs of each other. You love PURA.

PURA for the common good

PURA is a cryptocurrency to provide you and society as a whole with a foundation to practice decentralized social responsibility and contribution. To emphasize, PURA is for putting decision-making power on how to allot funds for common good back into the hands of people. The PURA community wants to make a difference. In detail, PURA wants to establish an environment that pioneers a new method of societal organization. This way, a cryptocurrency enables you to make a difference to work towards the common good for all. In line with this, thank you for being part of the PURA Community and for all your support! Please read our Whitepaper for more information.


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