Blockchain Basics 21 – The Comeback of Diamonds and Gold

Blockchain Raising the Gold Standard Due Dilligence for Precious Gems & Metals Following a steep decline in sales during the United State’s longest recession, diamonds and gold are making a comeback. There has been a particular loss of confidence among Millennials. Persistent challenges include competition from other luxury goods and …

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Blockchain Basics 20 – Save Our Rainforests With Blockchain

Protecting the Planet With Blockchain Rainforests are Vital Resources Managing and verifying any product is usually reliant on documents that could fall prey to manipulation. Or we use digital tracking methods we call “Chain of Custody” systems. As highlighted in a previous PURA segment, “Blockchain and the Future of Mobility,” …

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PURA Blockchain Goes the World – Philippines is an Oasis of Blockchain

Cryptocurrencies in the Philippines A Crypto Hub The Philippines, officially the Republic of the Philippines, is situated in the Western Pacific Ocean and consists of around 7,641 islands. These islands fall under three main geographical divisions; Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao. Its capital is Manila. The Philippines is an archipelagic country. This …

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PURA Crypto News – Why Your Smart Home Needs Blockchain

Smart Home Concepts of Tomorrow Welcome the Blockchain At Home We’re all familiar with the IoT, or “Internet of Things”, and most of us can appreciate blockchain technology and develop interest in cryptocurrencies, but until now, it’s been hard to find a concise and relatable explanation of how the two together …

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PURA Blockchain Goes the World – The Rough Road to Crypto in Vietnam.

Cryptocurrencies in Vietnam Overcoming Stumbling Blocks Vietnam has taken a flat-out cryptocurrency clamp down approach when it comes to cryptocurrencies and the business surrounding them. Rather than adopting a strict but transparent and empowering legislative stance, the nation remains wary. A July report by the country’s State Securities Commission (SSC) banned public companies, …

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