Betanet Testing of PURA Aurora For Users Starts Today – Join In!

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A Message From the PURA Development Team

Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, the moment that we have all been waiting for has arrived! Betanet! After an extensive security audit, the core code base was stamped and approved for release today. In the next 24 hours we will be submitting the updated exchange wallet to all exchanges on our current roster as well as CoinPayments.

The Next Hours / Days

Here is what is going to happen over the next hours/days:

Exchanges that have been responding traditionally update within 48 hours as to the loading period for the new wallet. We hope that most will be live by the end of this week but please understand that we are at the mercy of the exchanges and their schedule.

Betanet For Users On A First Come, First Serve Basis

Internally we will release the wallet with masternode features on betanet to experienced users on a first come first serve basis for the first 24 hours starting today at 12PM EST. We have already filled up a good portion with previous registrations but will make room for additional users as we wait for the exchanges to load. Please PM Austin in the Official PURA Telegram group with your email to receive your link and password to live beta. The purpose and goal of this period is to accept any potential bug reports that users may experience that we have not caught for whatever reason.

Play With The New Wallet

As we have at least 48 hours, we would like all experienced users to come in and play around with the new wallet. The final public version will be made available prior to green lighting by the exchanges to give everyone an opportunity to transfer to private wallets if they feel compelled.

Push-to-deploy Masternode Enabled

The push to deploy masternode feature will be enabled on this wallet but we are disabling the common node until next week. Why??? It is much easier for the dev team to field questions and potential bug reports to a few thousand people rather than to a few hundred thousand people.

Please recognize the market implications once exchange wallets are live!! To date a huge portion of masternode eligible coin supply is split mainly between CoinExchange and KuCoin. Removing these coins from the open market and transferring to independent wallets will undoubtedly affect the available supply and most likely raise the demand. Although information in the Official PURA Telegram Group on what the current number of deployed masternodes is has been ample, the number of potential masternodes is much greater. We expect to see some fluctuations on both the buy and sell side in the coming days. Enjoy the ride and understand the basic principles of micro economics at work here.


We know that everyone has waited patiently for this release while the entire market has dropped over 70% in the past few months. Those of you that have been doing this for a while recognize the seasonality of crypto buy and sell cycles and will use this period as a buying opportunity. We are not asking anyone to buy or sell but rather just want everyone to recognize the overall playing field that we are currently on. We have now registered PURA labs here in Malta and we are activating the incubation arm in the next two weeks. What this means in the long run is that the same technology that all of you have waited so long for and the additional tech developments that resulted from this process will no doubt be turned into new and exciting sources of income for PURA.

A Unique Project

This year has already proven to be the year where payment/utility coins die, and protocols and real technology survive and thrive. We are already in talks with some of the top 20 coins, exchanges, and private crypto funds and their development teams that have been communicating with us throughout this entire process. What we have created is unique. We have had multiple offers along the way to sell it off and walk away. We obviously did not take any of these offers (although a few were tempting) and stuck to the core principles of why we are here and what we hope to achieve with this project.

Strategic Partnerships

Through some great strategic partnerships and honest friendships here in Malta, the rest of Europe, the US, Costa Rica, Asia, and around the world we are happy to say that our community has grown both in size and respect. Moving ahead these next few weeks and months we expect the community not only get excited about these relationships but to grow because of them. Expect to hear and see more from the team here in the coming days and weeks.

Your Suggestions Are Welcome

We want all of you to know that we respect your opinions and are constantly listening to suggestions. Our community managers are getting ready to start as soon as the exchanges give green light for the release and they will be the conduits for communication and networking. Please welcome them into our wonderful community here with respect and courtesy. We look forward to the next few days and as always are so proud and appreciative of all of you for sticking with us during this journey. Thank you all from the bottom of our crypto souls for being supportive and sticking with us. More to come tomorrow.


– Austin –

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