Trade Finance and Supply Chains Report

cropped_f4n1hxlvzt_1_o5xycnTrade Finance and Supply Chains Report

The long-static global supply chain may have finally met its disruptive match in the form of blockchain and distributed ledger tech. In this report, we explore how enterprising innovators and the world’s largest companies are investigating its potential.

Executive Summary

Not just an incremental improvement, blockchains offer an opportunity to create a new digital backbone for trade finance and supply chain, cutting costs and creating new efficiencies for an $18tn industry.

With this research report, you’ll receive an in-depth overview of the innovators and incumbents who have identified blockchain as a technology that could help democratize supply chains by redefining how enterprise businesses transact and establish trust.

You’ll get an overview of how seven startups and two of the world’s largest companies are working toward this future, with new insights into the technologies they’re using and the success and status of trials conducted.

Highlights include:

  • Deep dives into 5 impact areas for blockchain in the supply chain sector
  • Insight into how Deloitte, IBM and Standard Chartered are leveraging blockchain
  • Plain-language overviews of new business models enabled by blockchain
  • Spotlights on 7 blockchain startups innovating in supply chain


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