No, Not All ICOs Are Securities

Paul Paray is an attorney in Allendale, New Jersey, focused on privacy and technology matters. In his Feb. 8 opinion piece for CoinDesk, Santander’s Julio Faura suggests that “utility tokens are a bad idea” because it would be a “lie to ourselves” to suggest initial coin offerings (ICOs) were not …

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In 10 Years We Won’t Have Blockchains

Will Murphy is the vice president for blockchain at of Talla.com, the company behind Botchain, a blockchain for managing autonomous intelligent agents. I predict that in 10 years blockchain technology will improve to a level that calling it “blockchain” will no longer be a useful term. Let’s think about this …

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IBM Wants You to Know Blockchain Can Go Wrong

As enterprise blockchains inch closer to live launches, a group of cybersecurity experts within IBM is out to make sure clients take every step to keep their new investments secure. Adewale Omoniyi, a senior managing consultant in the biometrics and cybersecurity for IBM Global Business Services, is one such professional, …

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